The common cold is a set of mild symptoms.

It has the feature common to most viral diseases, spontaneously heal in a few days …

After the theory, practice how to shorten a cold as naturally as possible?

Natural remedies against colds
When the doctor’s consultation does it impose?
And if it was the flu?
Natural remedies against colds
Since cold heals spontaneously, avoid running to the pharmacy to fill medication: tablets, sachets, syrup, lozenges … They are useless or even dangerous.

Against sneezing, runny nose, cough, sore throat, fatigue, mild fever, muscle pain and headache, tapping into natural remedies.

Hygiene is essential: wash your hands as often as possible and after blowing your nose (into a disposable tissue) with warm water and soap.
You will avoid simultaneously transmitting your germs to those around you (family, colleagues …). Avoid touching your nose and eyes.

Drink lots. Of course water but also herbal teas and fruit juices. The goal is to hydrate to thin the mucus from your nose and throat, and so help them evacuate. Obviously, drink more if you have a fever. Hot drink (tea, broth) also has the advantage of relieving sore throat and congestion in your nose.

Moisturize your nasal mucosa by spraying saline or sea water.

Do not smoke. Breathing other people’s smoke also aggravates the symptoms of colds.

No alcohol. The little lift alcohol should be avoided. Alcohol useless fatigue the body and deconstructs sleep, even if it facilitates sleep.

Rest as much as possible. If necessary, naps.

Against fever, take paracetamol.
In herbal medicine, herbal echinacea helps relieve colds. This plant has immunostimulatory properties.
Ensure adequate humidity in your home, especially your bedroom, and your workplace. If necessary, place a container of water on the radiators.
When the doctor’s consultation does it impose?
Colds rarely needed to see a doctor unless you have the following signs:

Your cold lasts more than 10 days.
You have an earache or write flow in one ear.
You experience severe pain in the face or forehead.
A fever greater than 39 ° C.
Your cough persists.
You are very affected and your daily activities are reduced.
Your symptoms are similar to those of the flu.

10 tips to naturally cure a cold or the flu

flu is not goodI was indeed as a birthday present: the flu! As I say to you here, it was a moment that I was not sick. But Madam flu, my friend thought she could indeed contradict me because it was a long time she did not visit me. At the same time I did not make the fruit cure (so vitamins), we need to fight against fatigue and cold early in the season I usually do.

So I was like that for a few days, but I’m careful as naturally to me.
I had a fever, coughing, runny nose all the time, insomnia, headaches, an enormous fatigue, ears plugged aches etc. Nothing serious in itself, but in this state we can not do anything. So we think the worst stupidly. It’s really no joy.

But luckily for me my parents are small guardian angels, and even miles away from me, they know how to give me advice ecologists, natural and moral booster to heal!

10 tips to naturally cure a cold or the flu:

  • Sleep as possible: sleep is the best medicine (do not be afraid to sleep more than 10 hours)
  • Drinking plenty to evacuate and not to become dehydrated.
  • Do not do strenuous things and do something enjoyable, be less strain maximum (avoid working example)
  • Do not go out not to catch cold.
  •  Make a nest with everything you need close to prevent displacement.
    Blowing nose, spit and evacuate all we can not keep it that in us.
  • Of course it must be done hygienically to avoid contaminating other people who live with you.
  • Ask for relaxing massages the back and to the bronchial decongestant with essential oils (eucalyptus, for example), mixed with normal massage oils (do not catch cold).
  • Moisturize the outline of his nose with oily creams and organic to avoid irritation.
  • Eat mostly fruits and vegetables.
  • Do not overeat, especially not dairy products, it is not necessary that the energy used to fight against the disease is taken by the digestion.

5 tips to avoid infecting others:

  • Wash the hands and face, as well as anything that could be contaminated.
  • Throw the tissue away and spit in the toilet.
  • Have minimal contact with each other and be quarantined if possible (take the opportunity to read such quiet if you get there)
  • Do not go out, work etc. In order not to infect others.
    Aerate 10 minutes a day minimum.

7 drinks to heal:

  • Organic thyme tea with honey (two ingredients that heal and which come from my grandmother Provencal, and it works very well)
  • 1 lemon, honey, ginger powder and bio tap water to drink to keep the vitamins fresh lemon (very good vitamin drink that gives pep)
  • Vegetable soup (full of good vitamins, I always have a home made in my freezer)
  • Vegetable broth (very good for the vitamins and minerals you lose)
    Miso soup (very good for minerals)
  • Freshly squeezed fruit and bios
  • Various teas and teas, hot beverages generally calm. Always add honey.

3 remedies:

  • Propolis (an abundance of vitamins and help healing, THE natural remedy to have in his closet, thank you bees Caution Do not take if you are allergic to bee stings.)
  • The Infludo (Weleda homeopathic remedy against the flu-like illness without a prescription to read the instructions)
  • The Pertudoron (Weleda homeopathic remedy against cough without a prescription to read the instructions)

> Do not try to lower your fever is your body that is killing microbes is its cure him (except if it is too strong of course).

Having followed all that, I managed to go much better not even two days, but it should not stop suddenly, you just gradually reduce the dose.

Save Yourself A Hassle By Following This Home Improvement Advice

You are not alone if you are stressed about taking care of home improvement around your house. Like anything else, doing a proper home improvement job requires the proper advice and information. This article contains great tips and suggestions that will help you make your next home improvement project a success.


Use white tile or any other light colored material when you have to redo your roof. This choice will ensure your attic doesn’t absorb excess heat as the light colors reflect the rays of the sun. This can lead to a significant savings on your monthly cooling and heating bills.

Displaying books in your living area can be a great sign of intelligence as well as a nice decorating accessory. Make sure when you’re displaying your books to arrange them according to height and color. Not arranging books according to height will make your collection appear unorganized and messy. Arranging your books by color will make your area seem sophisticated.

Texturing walls using drywall mud can add visual interest and cover up many blemishes. All you need to do is use a trowel to apply the mud evenly across the wall.

You should be paying most attention to visible improvements in your home. Potential buyers will not have any choice, except to judge your place by what is visible. This includes features like overgrown hedges and peeling paint, which can cost you sales. Sometimes, the most important things are invisible, but that doesn’t count when you are selling the home.

As was stated in this article, home improvement projects can be stressful for some people. However, if you have the right advice and information, it becomes much easier to do a home improvement project very well. Use this article’s advice, and be on your way to a successful home improvement project.

Digital Mark Reader, Best Exam Inspection Technology

scanner ljkDigital Mark Reader (DMR), a product developed by a research team following the chairman Prof. ITB Dr.Ing.Ir. Iping Supriana, DEA along Excellence Research Team in 2002/2003 ITB is apparently ceaseless reap standoffish play in a role. Having before crowned the Winner of Indonesia – Asia Pacific ICT Award 2004 for Best of Education & Training, in September 2012 the DMR psychotherapy also successfully won the adoration of West Java ICT Award 2012 as the Best Product Innovation-based Information and Communication Technology (ICT). ITB DMR intensification team is composed of M. Arif Grace, ST; Ayu Purwarianti, ST, MT, Ph.D; and Feb Ruswono Aryan, ST, MT. Continue reading

ginger healthy: dokter jerawat

ginger healthy: dokter jerawat

Ginger is an underground rhizome that has several applications.

tips menghilangkan jerawat 
Ginger is often used as a culinary herb, but it obviously has broad medical / therapeutic properties. That ginger is healthy will be explained here. Ginger contains several important substances and materials. The main constituents of ginger are gingerol, shogaol and zingiberene. These three enchanting materials Ginger is a very powerful antioxidant. In addition it contains ginger various vitamins such as vitamin B1, B2, B6, C, and of course, water, proteins, carbohydrates, fiber and minerals such as sodium, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, iron, magnesium, copper and zinc. In short, it’s super healthy and can be used in cooking in many ways! Below, shows the 10 benefits of ginger, and explained why ginger is healthy.

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Can I Use My Facial Cleanser to Remove Eye Makeup?

Now i’m with regard to multitasking in addition to having many operation out of a proper cream sari skin object but with regards to employing the face chemical substance to be able to evacuate eyesight make-up and also mascara, you may have to always be careful using this type of a single. A number of fixings are usually proper for the deal with, nonetheless might result in hindrance for the sight that’s a very fine place.

Refrain from using a facial chemical substance began this morning the eye assortment when its content has:

-Exfoliating dots. Dust similar to jojoba dots along with apricot parts functionality very well in order to lift up off as well as clean aside floor dry out skin cells nevertheless, you it goes without saying will not need these to purchase the eye. Ouch!

-Exfoliating acids. The lower ph regarding fixings such as glycolic, lactic in addition to salicylic acids functionality very well to help breakup cellular material over skin color nevertheless will certainly undeniably hurt this little brown eyes taking upon inflammation and also tearing.

-Menthol, peppermint or spearmint natural skin oils. On the off likelihood that these enter this little brown eyes, that they will result in biting and also bringing which often requests pointless underneath eyesight puffiness.

-Pure herbal oils. Using a centered manifestation of acrylic, one example is, jojoba, coconut, olive or perhaps safflower is likely to make these outflow in the eyes certainly delivering in swelling along with transitory questionable eye-sight. That furthermore comes with toddler acrylic which makes use of mineral oil.

The actual little brown eyes are classified as the almost all fragile spot on the face. They have probably the most slender epidermis and are also the key area to show maturing so that it must be dealt with cautiously. With the point whenever evacuating eye darkness as well as mascara, My spouse and i exceedingly recommend utilising an product that is certainly solely identified for the eye like a with out acrylic, odor free of charge, ph fine-tuned smooth vision cosmetic makeup products remover.

Perused: 5 Circumstances to Find out about Eyesight Creams

Perused: Cleanser Do’s along with Don’ts

Which in turn pores and skin wellbeing operations objects are generally greatest to suit your needs? Notice our own eight skin sorts or even carry our skin Type Test and acquire things approved.

Need to have master guidance via an official esthetician? Program some sort of digital achieving to acquire redid exhortation throughout person, by means of telephone or on-line with Skype or Facetime.

4 Tips for Learning Jazz Piano Chords

Ready to enhance ones piano practice? Studying jazz cello chords will be a terrific way to examine new genres along with designs around the important factors. Right here, Tulsa, ALRIGHT tutor Frank Farrenheit. explains to you a few tips to acquire started.


Jazz guitar generally is an entertaining although challenging matter to understand. The in order to learning to be a fantastic jazz pianist can be understanding jazz keyboard chords. Listed below are a number of ways to bring you playing jazz chords effortlessly:

1. Recognize ones hypothesis: In order to also consider jazz keyboard, ones tunes idea has to be powerful:

Practice participating in key 7th, prominent 7th, small seventh, 50 % in addition to totally decreased 7th chords inside actual place along the key pad.
Practice major ii Versus My partner and i chord progressions (ii trivial in 7th place, / principal in 7th place, along with My spouse and i main 7th) as well as trivial ii V we chord progressions (ii 1 / 2 reduced, Sixth v dominating seventh, in addition to my spouse and i modest 7th) in every 12 important factors.
Keep in mind all of the doable chord symbols: Main 7ths (Cmaj7, C?, CM7), Minor 7ths (Cmin7, C-7, Cm7), as well as half-diminished 7ths (Cmin7?5, C?). The good news is, principal 7ths and fully reduced 7ths merely are usually notated the best way (G7 as well as G° respectively).
2. Know the voicings: The basis placement chords preceding usually are good to help fully familiarize your records, nevertheless don’t efficiently join the particular harmonies.

With G:
Tv screen Picture 2014-08-24 from 12. 3 years ago. seventeen AM. png

To make these kind of chord progressions smoother, go the very least distance to another chord.

Tv screen Opportunity 2014-08-23 in 11. 59. twenty-seven PM HOURS. png

Generally having clean style primary, 7ths a single chord resolve towards 3 rd in the next chord. There are many special title of jazz voicings to be able to try out. Utilize your current headsets to be the particular determine. For you to try, here are several feasible voicings to test out having each significant along with modest ii-V-I progressions.

Screen Shot 2014-08-24 from 12. 38. 33 WAS. pngScreen Opportunity 2014-08-24 on 12. 43. twenty eight WAS. png

3. Learn your extensions: Chordal plug-ins are harmonies included with 7th chords of which put consistency, colour, and also an attribute jazz appear. The truth is, in 7th place chords tend to be seldom performed plain, yet having several of the added records.

As a general rule:

Main 7ths, minimal 7ths, as well as prominent 7ths frequently feature included 6ths and/or 9ths. A ninth is just a second the octave up. The actual seventh is almost often built into virtually any chord, it doesn’t matter what extendable is it being extra. If a 6th is actually included in a new principal chord, it’s often included preceding the actual seventh, making a “13th” interval. Hence, the 13 chord is often a principal in 7th place which has a sixth extra over this seventh (see below). In addition note that an ordinary 9 chord implies some sort of predominant seventh that has a 9th additional.
Tv screen Shot 2014-08-24 from 12. age 14. 52 EVENING. pngScreen Chance 2014-08-24 with 12. 21. 53 PM HOURS. png

Predominant chords (plain in 7th place chords that generally function as the Sixth v in an ii V I chord progression) seem wonderful having many different extensions. Actually, your 5ths along with 9ths associated with dominating chords is usually increased or even reduced, resulting in quite a few one of a kind harmonic alternatives, as well as 7?9, 7#9, 7?5, 7#5, 7?9#5, 7?9?5, 7#9?5, in addition to 7#9#5.
Monitor Picture 2014-08-24 on 12. thirty-five. fifty eight EVENING. png

Often, with jazz cause bed sheets and chord progressions, your dominating plug-ins preceding aren’t particular, but is usually combined with taste. This particular benefits this 6ths along with 9ths throughout major as well as modest 7th chords. Right now there are almost always exts included in 7th chords. Oftentimes this 6th is excluded from your voicing, especially if plug-ins are usually extra. In case the item appears to be suitable inside the further development and brings efficiently to another location chord, it’s probably a fantastic choice.
4. Realize how to train: The simplest way to become familiar with these jazz violin chords is usually to train ii-V-I progressions in each and every important. Another wonderful resource is playing pre-written arrangements within books including Violin Stylings from the Great Specifications (Vol. 1-6) through Edward Shanaphy or even The particular Jazz Violin Guide by means of Level Levine. These types of textbooks provide you many good voicings that are definitely referred to as. And lastly, using a quality hard replicate or even digital camera “fake book” filled with jazz criteria, such as True Ebook by Hal Leonard, is really an ought to pertaining to doing your jazz voicings. Happy exercising!

systems in the human body

systems in the human body


All systems in the human body work together and depend on each other denganyang. Disturbances in one system will affect other istem. For example, if the lungs stop inserting oxygen, the brain will ursak and whole body will die. Or, if the heart stops pumping blood, all body cells, including brain, not endapat food and oxygen so that it will die. If the kidney is damaged, urine output is interrupted so that urea can not be thrown will poison the body and can lead to death. All body systems important and needs to be maintained well.
Does the Human Body Engineering Also Need Treated Like Other Machines?
Although the human body is an incredible machine and all processes run automatically, but as well with other machines, machine the human body can be damaged by various causes. Infectious diseases, such as bacterial infections, viruses, parasites, fungi, and the pattern of our life that one can damage the engine of the human body. What we eat and drink, the air we breathe, and the pattern of our lives that is not healthy can interfere with our body system. An engine that is maintained it will be healthier and longer age than non-terawatt.

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umroh plus turki

Human System

Human System

4. Digestive System
Consists of the digestive tract, from the mouth, esophagus, stomach, duodenum, small intestine, colon, rectum up into the sinkhole. In addition, the digestive system is also aided by the glands that aid in digestion, such as saliva kelnjar, kelnjar pancreas, and liver produces bile. The function of the digestive system is to memceah food that goes into saris maknan, ready for use by the body.
5. System Excretion
System is set penegluaran metabolic waste products out of the body: urine is passed through the kidneys; sweat excreted through the skin; bile excreted through the liver; carbon dioxide gas and water vapor released through respiration. In addition, there are also spending the rest of the digestive substances in the form of feces excreted through the anus. The function of the system is important because the excretion of waste products can be toxic if not removed.
6. Endocrine System
This system serves to produce hormone-hormones that regulate growth and fluid and electrolyte balance of the body system. The endocrine system consists of, the pituitary gland located at the base of the cerebrum, and is the largest gland as a regulator of the activity of other glands, thyroid, goiter child nodes, adrenal glands, pancreas gland, gonads, dna thymus gland.
7. System Muscles
Consisting of:
• Muscle Polos
There is the body’s internal organs such as the intestines, walls of blood vessels, lungs, and other. This muscle can work autonomously without consciously ruled.
• Myocardial
Only in the heart, can also work autonomously without consciously ruled.
• Muscle Frame
Is bibs limb and body movements can be governed consciously
8. Frame System
Serve to protect the organs in the body, as well as the muscles attach and bone marrow as a blood cell formation.
9. Reproductive System
System supports reproductive organ function.
10. System Integumentary
Serve to protect structures in the body from damage, prevent loss caitran, and store fat. Are included in this system is the skin, nails, hair, and sweat glands.
11. Immune System
Serve to protect tubuhdari germs like viruses, bacteria, parasites, fungi, or foreign substances that are harmful to the body.

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6 Efficacy and Benefits of Avocado for Health  

Benefits of Avocado for Health – Do you like juss Apukat? Cold avocado juice drink is delicious when in the summer time. Besides delicious as avocado juice also has a myriad of benefits for health and beauty care for women. There are so many health benefits that we can premises consume avocado, avocado has been shown to meekan growth of various cancers. For you who do not like avocado here we provide information about the health benefits of avocado for our bodies, hopefully can make you like the full benefits of this fruit.

6 Efficacy and Benefits of Avocado for Health

1 Prevent and Suppress the growth of cancer

Avocado has been shown to avoid, and suppress the growth of cancer, such as prostate cancer, breast cancer, oral cancer and several other types of cancer.

  1. Maintain eye health

Avocado contains many carotenoids, these substances can prevent disruption decreased vision due to age as well as cataracts. Besides carotenoids kandugan avocado also has an excellent vitamin A untu maintain eye health. (Read: How to Eliminate Panda Eyes With Natural Way)

  1. Maintain a healthy heart

Avocado also has a high content of folic acid, folic acid is very good for heart health, in addition to folic acid avocados also contain vitamin E, Gluthatione srta unsaturated fats that are good for maintaining the health of your heart.

  1. Lowering Cholesterol

Avocado has a content of beta-sitosterol called high enough, the content is very good to help lower cholesterol levels.

  1. Preventing stroke

High content of folic acid can prevent stroke is upon you.


  1. Keeping the skin beauty

The content of vitamin E which is pretty much the avocado is very good for maintaining health and beauty of your skin to keep it soft, smooth and glowing.

In addition to the above six benefits of avocado fruit is also good for people with stomach ulcers. As mentioned above that avocados contain many substances that are very good for the body as VIT E, C and A, folic acid, carotenoids, beta-sitosterol and glutathione. For you who do not like avocado, starting this haari should you start liking the full benefits of this fruit. That’s information we can provide about the efficacy and benefits of avocado to the health of our bodies, may be useful.