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Altissimo rose zone

Spring flowers

A weak heart like wax

We all grasp the story of Toldot Isaac needed to confer the blessing of the firstborn Esau, self-serving kid WHO was fully engulfed within the want to receive for himself. married woman told Jacob he had to deceive his father to receive the blessing him rather than Esau and may prepare food and use the clothes of his brother. Here, the Midrash offers North American country a remarkable insight on the psyche and emotions of Yaakov at the time, and it’s vital that we have a tendency to perceive.

tanda2 jantung lemah

The Midrash tells North American country that the on top of wasn’t one thing that Yaakov wished to try to to, he felt forced to. it’s same that as he ready to enter the area of his father, Yaakov was troubled, fully shattered and crying. thus whereas Yaakov was making ready for what would seemingly be the biggest light-weight discovered during this world however may he? He was being forced not need to, was troubled, broken and crying.

Then he entered the area and his father, Isaac, felt one thing was wrong for several reasons. He smelled the Garden of Eden, however, knew that Esau wasn’t connected to the Garden of Eden and Yaakov detected the names wont to seek advice from the Creator and nevertheless he knew that Esau wasn’t connected with the Creator’s light-weight. thus Isaac tells Jacob: “I need to feel. i need to examine if you actually ar my son Esau. ”

Yaakov cried most that his tears fell on her hips and thighs, and same his heart was thus obat jantung lemah as wax. i used to be thus upset and shattered that I couldn’t even move and then the Creator sent 2 angels to support him and convey it to Isaac, as a result of Jacob couldn’t lie with himself. He had lost all power over her body and therefore the 2 angels holding him to not fall; that’s the key of the verse in Isaiah: “Do not quit, as a result of the Creator is there to support you.”

Now the question becomes deeper: Why the Creator is doing all this? Poor Jacob, are you able to imagine? don’t seem to be there easier ways that to draw in all the Light? the solution is-and this can be terribly imporant entenderlo- that the sole thanks to be the nice gifts Yaakov Isaac was if it had been fully destroyed; once Yaakov felt nothing for himself, once he had no advantage by itself, once no thought for himself and had no ability. The blessing Yaakov had to return to the present as a result of it’s the sole means for any people, and during this case to Yaakov, to awaken the nice Light; provided that you’ll be as empty as Yaakov what was at the time.

Until the tip of Correction, all light-weight lifting and revelation comes of this moment within the lifetime of Yaakov. And it had been solely as a result of I had most lack and Yaakov was thus empty you may draw the sunshine to himself and to the globe. If you would like an excellent light-weight, if you would like to draw in nice blessings, I feel you’re empty advantage, as Yaakov. because the Midrash tells North American country, you’ve got to possess a heart thus weak as wax with that you may not even move and would wish the support of angels. And once you reach that place is to receive blessings.

Weight reduction Command Guidance That Truly Functions!

A healthy and balanced diet plan for weight loss consists of lots of handy healthy protein. It additionally takes the location of undesirable carbs in the diet plan, lowering desires for scrap meals.

weight reduction tips

To help in weight loss, take into consideration signing up with an on-line weight loss online forum. You not just acquire the assistance of an area that recognizes just what you are going with, you additionally have accessibility to a range of techniques to assist along the method.

A fantastic method to reach your weight loss objectives is to include even more fiber to your diet plan. Nutritional fiber assists you to really feel complete much faster.

You could really feel comfy with your added weight, however additional fatloss is not merely an issue of confidence, it could likewise present wellness hazards with major effects. An excellent method to reach your weight loss objectives is to include even more fiber to your diet regimen. A healthy and balanced diet regimen for weight loss consists of lots of handy amino acid. To assist in weight loss, take into consideration signing up with an on-line weight loss online forum. It is tough to shed weight, as well as it could appear like ages till you really view your weight go down.

Do not attempt diet regimen trends, like weight-loss supplements or severe diet plan strategies. The majority of folks could not stick to a stiff diet regimen and also will, most likely, obtain back much more compared to the weight they shed.

It is hard to shed weight, and also it could appear like ages till you in fact view your weight go down. This will certainly make certain the weight remains away.

You might really feel comfy with your added weight, however additional weight is not simply a concern of self-confidence, it could likewise posture health and wellness threats with significant effects. It might be challenging to handle your weight and also to shed those added pounds, however you could do it. Comply with the standards this short article will map out for you so you could obtain points choosing on your own.

As opposed to satisfying on your own with a biscuit or treat cake for a work well done, think of heading out as well as buying some brand-new clothing rather. Purchasing a brand-new clothing is better compared to an undesirable treat. When’s the last time you showed off about with your brand-new box of delicious chocolates to flaunt for pals?

A non-active life leads to wellness issues, one of those being weight gain. Our physical bodies were not suggested to rest for hrs, yet many of us have workdesk works that make us rest for many of the day. Go acquire a beverage of water, utilize the toilet or talk to a colleague.

The game of solidarity: July 10, in Perugia, National Jazz musicians against Singers

shutterstock_95251978Football and music, two Italian passions that often approached until touching. It happens in many songs, the “ball game” by Rita Pavone, the “life of the median” of Ligabue, in “harsh law of the goals” of 883, up to ‘Nino is not afraid to pull a penalty kick, ” De Gregori. It happens in those songs-catchphrase of many editions of the World Cup, the “magical nights” of Italy ’90 to “po po po po po” yelled from samples of Berlin 2006 (and the latter Italian expedition in Brazil there has left some memorable tunes …).

In football jargon abound expressions that allude to “conductors of the midfield,” in which teams’ run to perfection the score prepared by the coach , “or the” dense phrasing ‘and to’ ‘solos on the band, “to testify as some similarities are firmly rooted in the collective imagination.

Rarely musicians are totally indifferent to football: Some love it and others hate him madly, incredulous that certain colleagues, choice spirits and animated by the sacred fire of art, can exalt sprawled on the twenty-two Buff and tattooed chasing the ball.

Funny mysteries of the great passions.

But for us lovers of jazz and football there is no mystery. Our music of the heart and our favorite sport fascinate us because intimately linked by a common element: the imponderables.

It is a peculiarity that jazz knows to elevate art, much more than do the classical or pop-rock, whose music listeners prefer to know even before what will be played. Witnessing the execution of the Well-Tempered Clavier by Bach or a concert of Vasco Rossi, certainly we would expect to hear the famous Prelude in C major or Albatross . Notes and words that we know well and we want to suffer, perhaps the closest resembling the versions we have loved and that we remember (and grieved too personal interpretation of the pianist or the latest innovative arrangement of rock star).

Conversely, when we see a jazz concert, we have no idea of ​​the notes that will listen, the issues to be offered, the improvisations (obvious), and especially the way in which the musicians interact, resulting in that hour and a half, situations in fact unpredictable a priori.

Just like in a football game. And we like it that way!

Who appassionerebbe in a match in which it is already established that the tenth of the first time guests will pass the lead, only to be “achieved at the expiration by the hosts, in action vitiated by an alleged offside ‘?

You can train properly and with all the commitment (you can learn scales, arpeggios and technical), you can prepare well for the game and analyze the difficulties (you can do the tests and decide the lineup), you can make a big recruitment drive and engage the samples more famous (you can put on a great band with the best soloists in circulation), but you can not be certain of winning until he get in the game.

And as it is said that putting together eleven samples is absolute guarantee of success (well aware of the fans of Real Madrid galactico a few years ago), there are examples of records or concerts that on paper should have been momentous, but where something did not work.

Finally the most fascinating element that unites the two worlds: the improvisation.

The coach has carefully following players, give them clear guidance on the movements to be performed and on the lines of passage to be preferred, and yet at the time of crossing the ball was deflected by a defender, takes a bizarre bounce and the striker if he finds himself where was not expected it to end. And it is there that he must “improvise” adapt his technical movements, hit the ball as he had planned to do, and, following the instinct, imagination and talent, send her where the goalkeeper can not reach.

Can be born so the big phrase in the middle of a solo.

The pianist supports an agreement unexpected, bassist extemporaneously replaces the tonic, drummer doubles or halves the pace, and here the soloist presents an unexpected opportunity, to be seized at the time or never.

The irresistible charm of a standard and a fast break.

On July 10, at Renato Curi in Perugia, a big party will celebrate, for the second consecutive year, the meeting between these two passions: the game of solidarity among the Singers and the National Jazz musicians.

A brave the exponents of bel canto take the field leading names of our jazz, including Roberto Gatto, Gianluca Petrella, Enzo Pietropaoli, Fabrizio Sferra, Javier Girotto (among jazz musicians obviously not lacking some “natives”) as well as members of the the music business and specialized journalism. But it is already starting from July 9, with some jazz musicians and singers involved, always in Perugia, in a large and unmissable jam session at the auditorium Hotel Giò Wine & Jazz Area, with free entry and opportunity to buy a ticket for the game the next day. The proceeds will be donated to various solidarity initiatives.

Last year they won the singers, let’s see if this time our improvisational flair succeed in having the best lap of Gd and rhymes heart-love.

Friends singers, so to play …


edited_jazz_music_wallpaper_by_youreeghos-d53xnuiReceive from Daniela Morgia and publish.

Economy City – Former Slaughterhouse – Testaccio

inputs Largo Dino Frisullo, 11

TUESDAY ‘July 15 h.15.30

“A ROMA HAVE KIDNAPPED THE JAZZ .. Thank you very much .. BUT NO!

So the idea was born, with a post on Facebook

Rome Summer 2014

This year’s event scheduling citizens not only did not give the slightest space to jazz, but went beyond “snatching” a place, the House of Jazz, for years touted as a flagship program of cultural administration Capitoline. It penalizes so musicians, jazz clubs both in winter and in summer, cultural operators in the sector, schools of music and artists, but also the audience that especially in Rome has always followed with transport passion sounds outside the commercial logic.

The Jazz made independent again alone: ​​last winter was organized at their own expense through a parterre, Jazz-itClub, AgusCollective, Orchestra Workers, the Schools of Music and all that creative microtissue that there is to have the ears and his mouth stuffed.

Today the jazz community decided to come together to give a statement of his own existence and vitality, despite the lack of interest of the institutions. L ‘requirement is to reiterate: “Here we are, we exist, we produce our own arrangements.” In a few days the vast spontaneous movement has taken the word on social networks to discuss music, reaffirm the importance and value. We had adhesions and proposals from all over Italy with the support empathetic and supportive of organizers who offer us space to come together, with the support of the media, clubs, radio, magazine Jazz-It, associations and many, many jazz musicians. Accessions from Siena Guitar Festival, Jazz Festival Liri, Najma Bari and many other acronyms.

For these reasons and others Tuesday, July 15 at 15.30 at the Conference Room CAE -Largo Frisullo, 11 at Campo Boario been competitive Big Reunion Roman, the first ever for “an idea” unitary representing the many faces of jazz , those who care about the jazz and culture as a whole.

Have joined and will be attending the Reunion Roman:

The Festival Eutropia, ARCI Lazio and CAE Economy City that over membership and participation in solidarity and kindly granted the space for incontro.I / the jazz musicians / and Roman musicians and not, Saint Louis Jazz School, Popular School Music of Testaccio, School Music Najma and other, MIDJ National Association of Jazz Musicians, Artdirector jazz club to the Romans from the Alex 28diVino, Be-Bop, Jazz Bar and others. The initials of the independent jazz Roman Agus Collective, Jazz-ItClub, Workers Orchestra, Jazz-It magazine, Jazz -Channel, Radio Popolare Roma “Jazz not Dead”, RadioabracadabraJazzly.A Purpose of Jazz, Independent Labels IJM Library Black on White Group ACSE La Sapienza. The accession of other music initiative. Kill Hannah, Nu’Indaco.

Daniela Morgia

Olga Siciliani


Receive from accordionist Giuliana Soscia and publish.

The Italian jazz accordion, supported by Richard Galliano, write to the institutions for the right to

study Accordion Jazz at the conservatories.

Even the Italian jazz accordionists, such as jazz flutists, unite and write to the institutions to ask the

right to education in the three-year and two-year periods Accordion to address jazz.

Anyone who wants to join actively in this initiative to raise awareness, will help by forwarding a letter to the email address below:, with the subject “Accordion Jazz Conservatory.”


Enactment of DM 124 of 09/09/30, which defines the new correspondences between the classes of competition and the codes of the sectors of artistic disciplines music conservatories, we point to a continuation of the absence of the specific course linked to the “jazz accordion” in disciplines relating to interpretation of jazz, improvised music and audiotattili (ex F540).

Gravity is the total denial of the right to the study of jazz accordion in academia.

The musical culture of a people changes with the changing of the people themselves, therefore, becomes more and more

usual the opportunity to hear music interethnic that reveal new sensations in a real fusion

their cultures, as well as techniques and structures. Must never be forgotten that it is precisely from contamination, from meetings of distant cultures, who were born expressive moments of absolute magnitude in some cases resulted even in a new genre of music, such as jazz. A musical encounter between peoples, between cultures, it is, therefore, a way to create a great opportunity for exchange, growth and dissemination of their cultural identities that must be addressed in view of the fact and the integration of “barriers of borders” cultural, to forge a common path.

The accordion fully embodies this concept more than any other tool, it is stressed then the importance of his presence inside the ” Area – Disciplines interpretation of jazz, improvised music and audiotattili “conservatives Italian alongside other instruments. Besides the accordion is present in jazz from the early twentieth century. They remember famous accordionists in the jazz world as Art Van Damme, Gorni Kramer, Frank Marocco, up to the present day with the world’s most popular jazz accordionist Richard Galliano, who supports the initiative of the Italian jazz accordion Gianni Coscia, Antonello Salis, Luciano Biondini, Simone Zanchini, Fausto Beccalossi, Renzo Ruggeri, Giuliana Soscia, Emanuele Rastelli, Germano Mazzocchetti, Vince Abbracciante, Massimo Cut.

“Je suis d’accord parfaitement apporter pour mon soutien à votre demarche auprès des Conservatoires

Italiens. ” Richard Galliano

We ask to be filled this gap and that, as was the case for all other instruments, to be issued as soon as a code for the subject area corresponding to “Accordion Jazz”, allowing the conservative Italian to open the classes and finally give the possibility also to

jazz accordionists to take a course in the academic field.

Hoping to receive a positive response, Sincerely



jazzwsaxIn a little less than a month would have turned seventy-seven years Charlie Haden (Shenandoah, August 6, 1937), however closed for the last time the curtain Friday, July 11 in Los Angeles because of a bad not yet announced, albeit long-fought . The sad announcement was made ​​by the record label ECM , his wife Ruth Cameron and his sons Josh, Tanya, Rachel and Petra.

His debut as a teenager was singing country and western, until, little more than fourteen, a polio irreversibly damaged the muscles of his throat. Jazz and bass came at the hands of his brother who lent him the instrument and made ​​him listen to “Jazz At The Philharmonic” . From then on, studies aside, he played with Art Pepper , Paul Bley , Elmo Hope , Hampton Hawes and in 1959 met Ornette Coleman with whom he played until 1962: time to record ” The Shape Of Jazz To Come “, ” Change Of The Century ” and “Free Jazz” . With Coleman finds himself in 1967 to be alongside David Izenzon in an ensemble with two basses.

In 1969, with the help of Carla Bley for the arrangements, directs the first Liberation Music Orchestra that included even Perry Robinson , Gato Barbieri , Dewey Redman , Don Cherry , Roswell Rudd , Paul Motian . Parallel works with Alice Coltrane , Keith Jarrett (recently the ECM has released the album “Last Dance” , a duet with Haden) and also with Gato Barbieri for the music of the film Last Tango in Paris .

In the eighties he played in a trio with Jan Garbarek and Egberto Gismonti . Among its other myriad collaborations include those with Joe Henderson , Stan Getz and Pat Metheny , with whom duo gave birth in 1997 album “Beyond The Missouri Sky” .

“Nostalgia cheerful, if you can say, melancholy active wound reopened. The bass of Haden – measured, sober, peaceful – you find the right tone to accommodate deep in jazz other revolts not indifferent. “(Philippe Carles, Jean-Louis Comolli).

Tino Cosma, the charm of Italian 

tino-cosma-logo-primaryFamous worldwide, Tino Cosma ties represent a historic symbol of men’s fashion made ​​in Italy and craft tradition, inherited from the laboratory where Vittorio Cosma in 1946 began to implement the first collection of silk neckties.

After the success in New York and the United States around the eighties, the production of neckties by Tino Cosma has expanded continuously, reaching the most prestigious neighborhoods in the fashion in big cities. Made today with the precision of craft technique, using quality fabrics and exclusive patterns, Tino Cosma ties have taken anywhere the elegance and class of the traditional Italian men’s fashion.

The collections of Tino Cosma  offer a very wide selection of different types of ties, able to satisfy every style, color and look, and for those who wear only classic, for those who prefer a less strict clothing, but without never forget the unparalleled elegance of Italian style.

The traditional silk ties in solid colors and regimental ties, in classic colors or nuances present, are a perfect match to a strict business dress or wedding, or in a contrasting color that tone on tone. The  tie fashion  of our time is not only silk, but is in harmony with the new trends of the moment, in an infinite range of fabrics and new materials and beautiful color effects: jacquard patterns, colorful micro-patterns, knit wool weave or knit, patterns and whimsical murals . The narrow tie, in a neutral color or colors more modern and lively, is particularly suited to a young clothing, casual and elegant, ideal for those who allow themselves often led by their creativity.

For the most imaginative, Tino Cosma ties not only creates but also scarves, soft, lightweight and colorful, perfect to give a touch of originality and exquisite glamor even to those who are used to choose a chic clothing but essential.